From the recording Christmas Dream

Old world carols are among my favorite. It’s amazing how they’ve been passed down over centuries and remained intact even if varied over time. It’s equally amazing how the birth of Jesus has been immortalized through some of these songs and his story remains the same as it was then.


COVENTRY CAROL (English Carol 17th century or earlier)

Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child, Bye bye, lully lullay.

Thou little tiny child, Bye bye, lully lullay.

O sisters too how may we do For to preserve this day

This poor youngling For whom we do sing; Bye bye, lully lullay.

Herod, the king in his raging, charg-ed he hath this day

His men of might, in his own sight, all young children to slay.

That woe is me, poor child for thee! And ever morn and day

For thy parting neither say nor sing; Bye bye, lully lullay

ZU WEIHNACHTEN (German Christmas Song. 1607-1676 Adapted poem by Paul Herhardt ; Melody by J.S. Bach 1685-1750)

I stand beside thy cradle here O Jesus child so tender

All which thou hast given me which I to thee surrender

Take then my spirit, take my soul;

My heart and mind are wholly yours

Graciously receive them.

In darkness black, in death I lay; (thou) sun, dispell’d my sadness

(Thou) broughtest heav’nly light of day; a life of joy and gladness

O sun, how beautiful thy rays;

Thy holy words of faith I praise

O Lord, I do believe them.