1. The New Ridge

From the recording The New Ridge

This is our latest recorded version featuring New Ridge (band) as a trio

Lyrics/Music by Nancy Kelly © 2013
Recording by Wesley Steele - Dog Lips Studio
Piano / Lead Vocal Nancy Kelly
Guitar / Harmony Vocal Wendy Matson
Bass / Wesley Steele

I've been playing music with 2 other musicians lately and we decided to use New Ridge as our band name. We all identify with the lyrics of this song, feeling a need to crest a new ridge in our music, and in our lives, and the only way to do that is start climbing up. Sometimes you need help up the hill and that's where the horse comes in, which is symbolic of the higher power we can each appeal to for assistance.
Where this imagery comes from, since I'm not a horseback rider, is from listening to *Bob Caldwell, (pastor of Calvary Chapel Boise) who is a horseback rider, talk about his experiences riding in the mountains and likening it to a spiritual journey. Because he would refer to it often, I began to collect the phrases he'd share that pertained to the subject. Over time an entire page filled, so I arrranged the words together to create the song. The melody emerged too from this process coming together in one big inspiration. Then, when each member of the band added their musical parts, it grew into what it is here.
*I sent Bob an email telling him about the song and offered to include him in the credits but he declined saying it was my creativity. But I do like to try to give credit where it's due and can do that by telling you the story of how I got the song.