I remember that Christmas when Santa brought us skis
You became Instructor on the back roads of Winter
We were all elbows and knees
Oh oh that Christmas, that Christmas Dream


Your Voice

Nancy Kelly
Penned in 1977


LINER NOTES:  The music to this song began in a piano practice room in the music building at BSU when I was a student there. (I was supposed to be practicing a classical piece by Franz Liszt and was making mistakes. so I got a little distracted...) The idea for the lyric came to me a few years earlier when our family lived in Klamath Falls Oregon.  I  was a sophmore in high school and while walking home from school one day, there was something in the breeze and how it played with the autumn leaves that felt like a voice whisper.  Sometimes it feels like God is speaking to me in subtle nuances.  but if I tell that to others, it sounds a bit presumptuous . Of course, that kind of God speak can happen for anyone who wants to hear. 



You whisper in my heart so clearly

I hear the breeze of your voice speaking dearly

The gentleness of You floats downward to me

like Autumn leaves lightly drift groundward

I can see Your love in the changing of colors once

Summer green turned to Autumn’s sweet red wine

There was a time the frost kept stalling

yet I could hear the Springtime of You faintly calling

When I met You my heart softly melted

like a Winter’s pond melts in the new Spring

now I can sing...

I can see Your love in the changing of colors

once Summer green turned to Autumn’s Sweet red wine

lei dei dei dei...

C nancykellymusic 2004

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