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What Joy they bring

Shall I hide them forever buried in me
for no one else to see?
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Two Worlds

Nancy Kelly
Penned June 2004 / Co-written with Ian Townend


Liner Notes: The idea of this song came when it dawned on me one day that as spiritual people we can somehow ignore the loveliness of everyday life being a little too 'heavenly minded and of no earthly good'. Yet, I also noticed that some folks ignore the beauty and necessity of spirituality to revel only in this world's temporal dimension. I find that I cling to both the everydayness of this earth as well as the realm of the spirit the Lord opens up for us. I'm happiest living balanced between the two.

The phrase 'feel the earth, touch the sky' I heard on Nelly Fertado's first cd. It became alive to me, got me thinking, and I took it down a different path than she did. I hope it's ok I've used it and of course want to nod in her direction since that is where I got the phrase.

Anyway, it ended up that Ian and I collaborated on writing the final version of this song which was piano driven. I took its original version into the studio, but once we looked deeper, it seemed to need a simple guitar since the piano and the melody I'd come up sounded somewhat like a YORKSHIRE BAND (according to Ian who is from Yorkshire originally)! So, we dropped the piano and Ian started playing guitar, and the entire feeling changed. We started editing words,(Ian was hacking away!) and we were both brainstorming simple phrases around the concept.

For me it was one of the highlights of making this record. It flowed like honey after we got in the groove. Simplicity itself. As we have all learned, sometimes less is more.

Ian laid down 2 guitar parts with a little beat underneathe, I sang softly without trying hard, and the rest is Two World History. When I listen to it now, it really makes me wish I was a guitar player since my voice seems to lend itself to this instrument so easily. Anyhoos, Ian was definitely a co-writer on this one. it's a far cry from a Yorkshire band wouldn't you say?



"Feel the earth touch the sky" /  much to try in the spirit in the dust / Two paths the unknown journey home / oh, the hidden mystery / more than what we feel and see

Chorus: Two worlds one life Breathe in both sides Can’t deny we’re living in two worlds

"Feel the earth touch the sky" /  in the dust God is watching over us / Two paths journey on life beyond what we feel and see

Chorus: Two worlds one life Breathe in both sides Can’t deny we’re living in two worlds 

Bridge: oh, the mystery into the unknown heav’n and earth equally living in the hope of...Two worlds... Chorus to end.

nancykellymusic C 2004

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