I have a Collection of cherished things
Pictures and Memories - Seasons gone by
What Joy they bring

Shall I hide them forever buried in me
for no one else to see?
My Collection, uniquely me


This Kind of Sun

Nancy Kelly
penned February 2004


Waking one morning after a particularly hard dark night of the soul, I was never so glad to see the sunlight. This song was born out of relief and gratitude that the world was bright and shining outside my window and it held beautiful things for me if I'd only step outside and go see.

I've learned to live in hope. Even though it takes creativity and energy to hope, it's more depleting to despair. I may as well believe good things are waiting for me outside the door rather than despair and stay captive to my chamber.

This song was originally going to be the title song for this collection because I revel in the concept so much, but Vessel rose to the top for some reason.


LYRICS: Woke up this mornin’ sunlight on my wall / A visitor that comes to call on me

Marching boldly through lacy windowsill / Announcing life is out here still

Chorus: This kind of sun makes me feel everything’s alright

This sun calls me to walk in fields of light

(2nd Chorus add):  Dares me to dance back to life -- this sun oooh …

Then I remembered the darkness of the night / Images like shadows descending on me

The lacey sunlight caught my eye once more returning hope from before

repeat chorus.

Bridge: Is beautiful / It stirs in me / Summons me to come and see

the world in light / To laugh again / challenging my darkest night

back to chorus and end.

C nancykellymusic 2004

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