I remember that Christmas when Santa brought us skis
You became Instructor on the back roads of Winter
We were all elbows and knees
Oh oh that Christmas, that Christmas Dream



Nancy Kelly
Penned August 2, 2003


LINER NOTES:  This song draws a parallel to the steadfastness of the noble farmer who cultivates the earth, plants the seed and prepares for the coming harvest.  Like the agriculturist relies on the rain and sun to give life to the seed and soil, we wait in hope for the blessing of God upon our own type of work so that we too may enjoy the fruit of our labors.  



We have plowed the field / We have sowed the seed / Time for  the rain

Labored in the sun for what is to come / Time for the rain Time for  the rain

Chorus:  Send down rain to this thirsty land / All we need now is rain

Working in these fields / Weary from the sun / Time for the rain

We can almost taste it / We will celebrate it / Time for the rain Time for the rain

Repeat chorus. 

Bridge:  Fun has just begun / Harvest time will come

We are waiting here for the rain to come pour down on us

Repeat chorus.

Tag:  All we need now is rain Send down rain to this thirsty land  All we need now is rain...

NancyKellyMusic C 2004 

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