I have a Collection of cherished things
Pictures and Memories - Seasons gone by
What Joy they bring

Shall I hide them forever buried in me
for no one else to see?
My Collection, uniquely me


Forever Man

Nancy Kelly
penned June 2001


LINER NOTES:  My husband built a stone retaining wall that is the entire length of the backyard of our former Meridian house. Then he packed in wheelbarrels of dirt and planted trees. This is one of the many reasons he makes me so happy, his willingness and motivation to enhance our living space. A few other reasons are highlighted in this song. Other songs I've written for Stan mention yet more reasons. Joni Mitchell says it best in one of her songs ~ "There are so many reasons why I love him."

The vulnerability of a man may not show on the surface much. I guess what I was seeing is the fragility of life and how precious his life is to me.

I also want to note that this recording is only my voice and the piano which accentuates the intimacy of this song.



He builds me a wall like the wall of China

Reminds me of New England stony fences in the Fall

He takes me for rides in the evening in the summertime

in our convertible through the city to the countryside

Chorus: Forever man - this man of mine

Companion—man for all time

He takes care of us -  all that concerns us

as a husband a father a brother and a son

In his sacrifice and all that he provides

I hope he sees all that he wants out of this life 

Repeat Chorus.

Bridge: In the wee small hours of the morning

I can hear him breathe beside me

 He is like a child in this moment

I am so aware how vulnerable he really is

He could break or not wake up so I’ll take care of my Forever Man...

C nancykellymusic 2004

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