I have a Collection of cherished things
Pictures and Memories - Seasons gone by
What Joy they bring

Shall I hide them forever buried in me
for no one else to see?
My Collection, uniquely me


Cannot Live

Nancy Kelly
Penned October 17, 2003


This song is about hanging on to love. No matter how secure you are in love, there is always the risk of losing it whether by rejection, death, or indifference. When life stops in the middle of the night and you awaken to the stark realization that you are desperate for love, you embrace the fact that you can't live without it, that you need love to help you navigate through life.



When I thought that I had lost you / my heart was heavy drowning in rain

I despaired that my life without you would never see the sun again

Then you reappeared / a phantom in the mist

And everything I feared like fog began to lift

Chorus: Don’t ever leave me or forsake me

Cannot live without you take me

Won't you help me discover the way to go

When I thought that I would never be a better person without you

I despaired that I was about to end up desolate and lonely

Then you walked back in / a shadow in my dream

I awoke again / felt you here with me

Repeat Chorus.

Bridge: Cannot see Cannot breathe Cannot be without you rx2

return to chorus and end

C nancykellymusic 2004

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