I remember that Christmas when Santa brought us skis
You became Instructor on the back roads of Winter
We were all elbows and knees
Oh oh that Christmas, that Christmas Dream


Red Dress

Nancy Kelly
Produced by Steve Fulton / Audio Lab


Another song for the one and only Stan to celebrate the season. 



Christmas Present ~ Christmas Past

Haven’t figured out yet how to make it last

Gonna buy a gift for you before the day be through

And let my heart celebrate you

Chorus: Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas Dear (x2)

Christmas Beauty ~ Christmas Hues

No time now for duty or Winter blues

Gonna wear my red dress just for you

Fill my heart with tenderness anew

repeat chorus.

Bridge: And I wish you a bright new year

So glad we’re together ~ still need you near

And here’s to wishing all your dreams come true

All you’ve ever wanted happening for you

Chorus: Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas Dear (x4)

NancyKellyMusic © 2006

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