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Red Dress

Nancy Kelly
Produced by Steve Fulton / Audio Lab


Another song for the one and only Stan to celebrate the season. 



Christmas Present ~ Christmas Past

Haven’t figured out yet how to make it last

Gonna buy a gift for you before the day be through

And let my heart celebrate you

Chorus: Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas Dear (x2)

Christmas Beauty ~ Christmas Hues

No time now for duty or Winter blues

Gonna wear my red dress just for you

Fill my heart with tenderness anew

repeat chorus.

Bridge: And I wish you a bright new year

So glad we’re together ~ still need you near

And here’s to wishing all your dreams come true

All you’ve ever wanted happening for you

Chorus: Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas Dear (x4)

NancyKellyMusic © 2006

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